We back companies and founders building

the future and reimagining how we work and live.



We invest in science, technology, and emerging business models

powering the Future of Work and Industry 4.0.



We Invest Early

Kubera is an early stage venture investment firm. Our "sweet spot" is in the Pre-Seed to Series A rounds; but we make exceptions for startups that could have great impact in our focus areas.

We Invest in Future of Work and Industry 4.0

Kubera's investments focus on technologies redefining the way businesses work to organize, operate, and compete to build new economies and ecosystems. The startups and founders we invest in are helping to digitize businesses across all industries.

We Invest in Emerging Technologies

The startups that we love are building defensible platforms and models using artificial intelligence, machine learning, data science, blockchain and 5G technologies. 

We Invest Across North America

We believe that talent and opportunity is distributed and invest across North America. We are active in growing startup communities and embrace the diversity of culture, geography, ethnicity, and gender to bring unique ideas and perspectives to shape the future.

Meet The Team

Balaji Gopinath

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General Partner

James McKee

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General Partner

Sena Zorlu

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Invetment Associate




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