Investing in founders building the future through applied artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data science that reimagine and transform industries.

We fund bold entrepreneurs harnessing the power of AI and frontier technologies to transform markets and industries. We invest through 3 distinct lenses:  

  • A vertical approach using AI that can transform how an industry operates
  • A horizontal approach with AI that can be leveraged across multiple industries
  • “Ingredient Technology” and Infrastructure that are the building blocks and foundations upon which other platforms and products are built, managed, and made secure.

We are more than a check.  We strive to build alongside founders and provide a foundation for growth and success. We leverage our collective experience along with 100+ operating executives across numerous disciplines, industries and regions to provide guidance, mentorship, advice, and access to commercial growth.

As partners, we can change the world one company at a time to define the next generation of enterprise companies.

We are Kubera VC.

We are builders.

Let’s Build Together.

Our Mission

We help companies capture markets through investment, operational experience, human capital, and a broad and diverse network across the United States.


We invest early and with conviction. PreSeed – Seed+ are our sweet spots, but we will lean into early Series A as well. We prefer to coinvest alongside a lead but will lead the right opportunity on occasion.


We like startups building platforms and models using proprietary data models and algorithms that can be leveraged through AI and ML. 

Geography & Diversity

We invest across the US, outside traditional tech hubs. We are active in emerging startup communities and embrace the diversity of culture, geography, ethnicity, and gender to bring unique ideas and perspectives to shape the future. 

Our Investments


Our Team

Connect with Us!

We try to read every email and deck that comes our way and respond to those that fit our thesis and approach.

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